The FD2200 is right at the height of technology and performance which can be achieved in a professional hydrostatic mower with a collection facility. The machine has permanent 4-wheel-drive, an out-front cutter deck, a grass catcher which can be raised to a height of 210cm, a 44 HP diesel engine and a turning radius of just 62 cm. Its easy to operate and exceptionally stable on sloping ground. Even the most demanding green maintenance operator requiring a high quality cut will appreciate the characteristics of its 155 cm deck, combined with a powerful hydraulic turbine. The grass catcher has a collection capacity of 1200 L; once the catcher is full, the blades will automatically disengage.

Model FD2200 4WD
Engine Yanmar 4TNV88, Start electric, with 12 V battery, Supply diesel, Displacement 2190 cc, 4 Cylinders, Power 44 HP (33 kW), Liquid cooled with hydraulic impeller and equipped with automatic radiator cleaning device, Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges, safety filter and prefilter .
Fuel Tank Capacity 35Litres
Hydraulic Oil Tank 25Litres
Traction Hydraulic, 4-wheel drive (permanent drive even with a narrow turning radius)
Gearbox Hydrostatic transmission with 4 hydraulic engines on the 4 wheels
Clutch Hydraulic with electric control activated through PTO with blade brake
Cutting Height Adjustable at 25 - 35 - 50 - 60 - 75 - 85 - 95 - 110mm
Cutting Width 61" (155cm)
Grass Collector Capacity 1200 Litres
Grass Catcher Charging System Charging turbine, 400 mm diameter, equipped with a hydraulic engine as well as a safety valve in order to avoid accidental damages. Independent activation from the cutting deck. Grass catcher equipped with motorised baffle inside the for even filling.
Grass Collector Discharge System Hydraulic grass catcher emptying with automatic opening
Maximum Discharging Height 2100mm
Rear Protection 500mm
Differential Locking Self-engaging and manual by pushing the button
Front Tyres Turf 24x12.00-12
Rear Tyres Turf 20x10.00-10
Steering System Hydro-steer
Speed Continuously variable from 0 to 20 km/h
Inner Turning Radius 620mm
Seat Comfortable seat equipped with springs with arm-rests and adjustable
Mowing Capacity Per Hour 15500m2/h
Distance Between Axles 1260mm
Clear Span From The Ground 180mm
Weight 1280 kg without cutting deck - 1460 kg with cutting deck

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