John Deere XUV 835M Gator Utility Vehicle

Meet the all new, all-season, three-person, full-size John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles, the latest additions to the  XUV line up.

John Deere`s heavy duty diesel cross over 835M Gator Utility Vehicle features a three person cockpit, power steering for maneuverability, over 15 gallons (56 L) of enclosed storage, and a powerful diesel engine system with optional cab, heat and A/C.

The XUV835M M trim adds EPAS and brings in the main wiring harness for easier attachment hook-up. Cabs are available in this trim level. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is also an option within the M-trim level.

The John Deere XUV835M Gator Utility Vehicle comes with the deluxe cargo box which has a truck style tailgate and glass-filled polypropylene composite to reduce noise and reduce rusting over time. The deluxe cargo box is easier to latch, unlatch, raise, and lower with the integrated handle design and gas assist and also offers integrated tie-down points for increased versatility. In addition, the independent 4 wheel suspension and true 4 wheel drive make the 835M the ultimate all terrain vehicle for towing heavy loads.

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