Trimax flail technology for compact tractors.
The new Ezeemow FX is the ideal partner for your compact tractor where versatility and robustness is needed. Ezeemow FX now includes our unique and patented Converter system giving you greater mowing versatility from short grass to heavy conditions.
Ezeemow FX can handle fine turf, small prunings and one meter high grass and scrub with minimal maintenance and maximum reliability. This versatility makes the Ezeemow FX ideal for contractors, councils, roadsides, estates, vineyards and orchard applications.
Ezeemow FX is compatible with tractors from 18 to 22hp and its compact dimensions allow manoeuvrability in tight corners.
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Power Train

Minimum Tractor Size: 24hp
P.T.O. Driven

Cutting Height: 10mm - 110mm
Warranty: 3 Years
[Optional] Off-Set Model

Cutting Width: 1830mm (72")
Overall Length: 583mm
Overall Width: 2045mm
Weight: Approx. 225kg

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